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Wednesday 1st April

Wednesday 1st April

Hi there, it's all been very strange here! Yesterday we went for our daily, safe walk and as we were going through the woods I heard the sound of very quiet giggles. Hetty started barking and sniffing frantically around the bottom of an old oak tree, but when I went to investigate I couldn't see anything. As I called her away I heard the giggles again and I'm sure I saw something move in one of the tree's open cracks on the trunk. One of our neighbours had told us before that in the woods were fairies, but they are tricksters and were very rarely seen - do you think it could have been them?

It gets even more interesting, in the fields where the horses are, Babaloo the grey horse seemed to have grown a point on his forehead, it definitely wasn't a bump as it stuck out too much. Also his mane seemed to have a slight pink sparkly tinge to it - maybe it was just because it was dusk and the evening light changes and distorts your vision!

Finally on the way back, I'm sure Hetty shouted Mum as we were passing back through the woods, my husband heard it too!! And then I think she said 'sausages' !!!

What a very odd day it was yesterday, I'm glad it's now today - the 1st April , enjoy