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Year 2


Below is a brief outline of this term’s learning. Each of the schools terms are themed:
Autumn term
the EXPLORE term (with a specific focus on Geography & Science)
Spring term
the DISCOVER term (with a specific focus on History)
Summer term
the CREATE term (with a specific focus on Art and Music)

This terms theme is Explore. Our core subjects Maths and English will be taught on a daily basis. Our English theme will link into our Geography topic this term.  I will be following the White Rose timetable for Maths.  By clicking on the link you will be able to see the topics and when we'll be studying them.  For English I'll be using a CLPE (The Centre for Literacy in Primary Education) units.


In Geography we will be looking at the continents of the world, hot and cold climates and learning about Africa. 

In Science we will be looking at animals and their habitats around the world. (Please look below for more information)


The children's learning has been summarised in school curriculum maps (you can find each map under each subject) which show progression across the school and  knowledge organisers (KOs) which are specific to each class.  Use the links below to take you to the KOs that will be being used in the Explore term.