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Thursday 23rd April

Thursday 23rd April 2020

Well it's all getting very exciting round here with the ducks and the deer and now we have found where the fox is living in our wood! Not only that, she has two fox cubs but we haven't managed to get a picture of them yet, only one of her! I'm going to have to do a register for all the animals at this rate and we will have more names to choose!

Yesterday we saw the duck fly off and we had a quick peek in the nest - there was another egg with all fluffy feathers around it! So we think there are nine eggs now! Mrs Cracknell and I were talking about where we should put them if they hatch in to healthy chicks and she came up with the obvious solution - our pond at school! I will speak to Mrs Noon and check that it's ok, then between us all we can make a plan. Does anyone have a duck house?? Perhaps Mr Millard can make one for us! Don't forget to come up with a name. Hetty is very aware of the duck, I'm sure she can smell it as she keeps standing underneath the planter, there's going to be some fun when they hatch OH NO!!!!!

Guess what I am able to do now,  cut hair, my husband really needed a hair cut so I got out the dog grooming kit, did Hetty's then did his with clippers. I was quite impressed by my new skill and he still has two ears!! What new skills have you learnt, perhaps you can tell me and send pictures. There are lots of new things we can try at the moment because we have time to therefore we should make the most of it. I still don't appear to have mastered baking but that's not a bad thing because it will stop me from eating lots of cakes!!!

I am looking forward to seeing you on Zoom later - oh and guess what it's Mrs Cracknell's birthday so we can all sing to her!!!

Don't forget to send your x table results!

Miss you all lots!

Mrs B x