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Thursday 21st May 2020

Thursday 21st May 2020

Hi everybody, wow what a scorcher it was yesterday and it's going to be the same today! Don't forget if you are going out make sure you put your sun cream and a hat on!! Also plenty of water!! I We know it is hard to work in this weather, so don't, give yourself a break and your Mummy and Daddy teachers! You know how when we are at school we all get weary by half term well that's probably how some of you are feeling!!

We loved chatting to you yesterday, especially some of the stories your parent's are telling us! I suggested to one parent that they make a memory book of photos all about our time at home as it is so unusual and hopefully it won't be necessary to do this again. You will be able to look back at the photos in 20/30 years time and say 'oh I remember when.......'  By then I'll be an old lady tottering around and causing havoc whilst waving my walking stick at pesky little children!!!

Next week we will be popping round with a pack for you to do at your leisure! We may get to see you from a distance but if not we will see you on zoom.

Now stop reading this and go and have some fun in the sun! See you at 3:30pm for your Zoom, the information was sent via Marvellous Me.

Mrs B x

Oh and the ducklings are doing really well, they're growing fast!! Check out their new picture in Mrs Quacknell's subpage. Hetty has had a haircut... check out her new video!