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All Things Autumn

Week beginning 18th October

This week was all about pumpkins! We read lots of pumpkin stories including ‘Pumpkin Soup’ and ‘Christopher Pumpkin’. We loved exploring different pumpkins, tapping golf tees into them and scooping out their insides. We learnt how to use a knife safely to cut the pumpkins too! On Friday, we dressed up for a day full on Halloween fun! We all looked amazing! 

Week beginning 11th October

This week our story was ‘Leaf Man’. In the story, Leaf Man blew away and nobody knew where he went. We used compasses in Forest School to help us try to find Leaf Man. Later in the week, we created our own leaf people using autumn leaves we collected. This week we also loved exploring the autumn tray, creating different and delicious cups of tea, soups and cupcakes using the loose parts. 

Week beginning 4th October

Our story this week was 'The Gigantic Turnip' which linked us to our learning all about Harvest. We found out all about what Harvest Festival is and why it is celebrated. Tesco very kindly donated us some vegetables which we loved exploring using our senses. This week in Maths, we loved using the light box to create different repeating patterns. We were also very lucky to go into the hall to go on the different equipment for the first time, we loved it and had lots of fun!

Week beginning 27th September

This week read the book 'The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark' and this led us into learning all about nocturnal animals. We found out that nocturnal animals sleep in the day and are awake at night. We focused on owls in particular, finding out some facts about them and creating our own using pine cones and cotton wool.