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Thursday 26th March


Hello, hello, hello you lovely learners! It's only my first day of missing work but strangely enough I am actually missing seeing you all, but I will cope thanks to all of the wonderful email messages that keep coming through. I must apologise if I make odd mistakes when replying but sometimes believe it or not I actually do!!

Today was so warm, we are very lucky that the rain seems to have disappeared and the sun is shining, but we still have to stay safe and follow the advice from the government. It's great that you are trying really hard with your home learning but you also have to keep active and I can see lots of you are! Joe Wicks seems to be getting the nation moving, when I do the workouts Hetty looks at me like I'm bonkers!!

Do you know even my family in the north of England are looking at our class page and they are really impressed by your work. My brother in law sent me a poem on the rivers of Hertford today - if he'd been in our class he would have had to edit and improve it as it wasn't anywhere near as good as the work you have been doing!!

Hetty and I went to see my elderly Aunt who lives on her own today, she has a big garden which I love helping her with. Whilst I was pulling out the weeds Hetty was trying to chase the ducks which come every year around this time. It's very strange that she was allowed to go in to the house for a drink and a biscuit but me - the human - had to stay outside!!!

Tomorrow I am taking her to work, I hope she behaves and doesn't have any excitement accidents!!! (Hetty - not my Aunty!!!). I'll film her whilst she's doing some learning so that you can see what she's up to. I wonder whose seat she'll be in, you'll have to look and see.

Now don't forget to do your x tables tomorrow and give me the result!

Take care my special children,

Mrs B x