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Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Sorry Mrs Cracknell, I know today should have been your blog but I need to pinch your slot as I have breaking news!!



I had planted some beans in the planter where Mrs Quacknell had been nesting, in the hope that they would trail down as they grew. Yesterday Mr Botterman was watering the beans and all of a sudden Mrs Quacknell flew out, which was quite a shock!! She was probably shocked by the shower too!! We had a quick look in the nest and there are two eggs in there. She must be starting her 21 day laying cycle, then once she has laid the last one she will incubate them (sit on them) for four weeks, and then we will have ducklings AGAIN!!!

This time I am not going to intervene (which means get involved) I am going to leave her to it, she knows what she is doing!

I have worked out that they will probably be ready to hatch in seven weeks, which is the start of the summer holidays!

She must be QUACKERS going through all that again!!! X