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Year 2



This term our theme is 'DISCOVER'.  Our core subjects of Maths and English will be taught on a daily basis and the other core subject, RE, will be taught alternately with PSHE every other week.


Our focus subjects which feed into the 'DISCOVER' theme are History and DT. In History the children will be exploring past events.  They will be investigating aspects of the past through historical as well as art and technological skills. They will be learning to recognise why people did things, why events happened and what happened as a result. They will also learn how to identify differences between ways of life at different times and begin to understand and use historical vocabulary. We will begin by looking at life in 1666, with a focus on The Great Fire of London.  We will try to answer our discovery question 'Is fire a bad thing?'




The children will also be enjoying sessions in Forest School on a Thursday. PE lessons will take place on Mondays and Fridays so don't forget your active uniforms!

The EXPLORE term

This term our theme is 'EXPLORE'.  Our core subjects of Maths and English will be taught on a daily basis and Science will be taught weekly.


Our focus subjects which feed into the 'EXPLORE' theme are Science and Geography.  In science the children will be exploring materials.  They will be identifying and comparing materials through investigating their properties and discussing the best materials for particular uses. In geography we will be developing our understanding of the human and physical features of Hertford as well as developing their knowledge of the seven continents and five oceans.


 Through all of our 'EXPLORE' learning we will trying to answer the question: 'Is Hertford a good place to live?'