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Tuesday 9th June 2020

Tuesday 9th June 2020

Dear Year 3,

It’s Tuesday… I wondered if anyone knew that. Yesterday I uploaded our blog and wrote the wrong day and date! I wrote Tuesday! Did anyone actually notice? Is anyone actually reading these? I only had one parent email me to tell me… do let me know if you spot something, not only do I then know you are reading…but then I also know what day it is!

On Sunday just as I was going to bed, I heard the sound of helicopters in my village; they were really loud and low. Then, the village WhatsApp group was pinging lots of messages. Apparently, there were lots of police out and they were looking for some young children who had been seen by a resident walking past her window very late at night by themselves without adults. The next thing I knew, with the support of the police, people were all out helping to look, so I grabbed by coat and a torch and off I went to help. I was amazed; the village was full of people helping. The good news is, after an hour, the police decided to call the search off as they said there was only one report, but no children were actually reported missing (thankfully!) and they were satisfied that their searches hadn’t shown anything unusual. I am glad that the children were safe and it made me so proud to be part of a community who were all out helping!

Check out our home learning gallery! Lottie made the most amazing rainbow. There has been so much super learning going on, I know it’s getting hard, but Summer holidays are in sight. Try your best to do a little each day. Do send us your work, we love to see how you are getting on.

Take care, all of you!

I miss you!

Mrs C x