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Forest School

We have recently introduced Forest School to Hollybush.

Each week, all classes have time in forest school to explore nature,

work outdoors or use their creativity.

Led by Mr E Millard and Mr Chandler we are so excited to be building

this new and special area to the school.


Tape Bracelets(Wc 24.02.20)

This week at Forest School the children combined natural and man made materials to design their own bracelets. We took a walk around the school grounds and encouraged the children to be creative with the items they chose.

Using Our Senses ( Wc 03.02.20)

This week at Forest School the children were tasked with using their hearing and their sense of smell. Firstly they were blindfolded and asked to listen for the rattle of a maraca, which they really enjoyed. Secondly they had to use their sense of smell to find a small pot of ginger hidden somewhere in the Forest School. This was a much harder challenge so much so that Year 3 failed to find it.

Describing Objects(wc 20.01.20)

This week in Forest School the children used a wide range of vocabulary to describe different objects they found in Forest School. They used touch to identify key features of the objects to be able to describe them to their teammates. Every time the object was correctly guessed the team gained a point. After the activity, the children were allowed their own time to play and create in the 'Forest'.

Sensory Challenge (wc 13.01.20)

This week we enjoyed some blindfolded challenges. This meant the children had to use touch and their hearing to identify objects and trees and following instructions. 

They had a lot of fun despite the wet and cold!

Take a look at some of our pupils loving learning outdoors!