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Richard Hale football tournament

This afternoon, 8 Hollybush boys from years 5 and 6 took part in a football tournament at Richard Hale School, Hertford.  They played in 7 official games but we couldn't resist accepting an 8th friendly against Millmead at the end of the afternoon!


We were so proud at how well all the boys played.  Abe was voted Captain and, after each round, gave some great tips to his team- sometimes changing positions to make a stronger formation for the next round.  The boys were anxious before playing some of the teams which they claimed were stronger but after a draw against Bengeo, their confidence grew.  


Charlie scored a fabulous goal in the first game and we saw some excellent saves by Abe.  The boys showed great camaraderie and support for each other, as well as the teams they played against.  At the end of the afternoon, we had: lost a few matches (but only by a goal difference), drew in several and won one.  Abe was unanimously declared 'Man of the match'.  A special thanks to Mrs Horlock who was declared honorary team coach but mostly well done to the team who did Hollybush and themselves proud today!