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Superstar Challenges

Year 2's Superstar Challenges!


If you have completed a Learning Activity and are looking for that extra challenge, why not try one of these Superstar Challenges?! Some may depend on what you have at home, so please check with a grown up before you start! 

Once you have completed one, let Miss McLeod know how you have done!

Superstar Challenge One


Demolition Division

Can you play this game on Top Marks? How many can you answer per minute?! 

Superstar Challenge Two


It's Cooking Time!

*With a grown up's permission and help*, choose your favourite recipe - here are some to have a look at! 

What will you decide to cook? How does it taste?! Perhaps you can send a photo or video of your baking in action!

Superstar Challenge Three


Choose a story teller and write a review!

Can you click on this link, and choose a story you would like to listen to?

Then, can you write a story review? What did you enjoy about the story? Who were the main characters and what happened? 

Superstar Challenge Four


Lego Challenge - Building a Boat

Here are some instructions about how to build a lego boat! With a grown up's permission, can you test our your new boat using a tray of water?! What happens if you put more weight in your boat? 

Superstar Challenge Five


Maths Game: Double or Halve?

Take a look at the nrich site to find out how to play this game for two players!