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Hollybush Primary School



At Hollybush we value:

  • Children skilled in mental maths
  • Children being confident in undertaking challenging activities
  • Children having a zest and curiosity for maths through a stimulating and enabling environment
  • Children relating maths to real life situations
  • Independent thinkers, children who are able to explain and reason
  • Enjoyment of maths through practical and creative activities



At Hollybush we value:

  • Children using reading and writing in a range of real life situations
  • Children appreciating and engaging in a variety of interesting texts
  • Children who are independent, resilient and creative writers
  • Children who are confident speakers and will be able to communicate effectively using the power of language
  • Children being critical thinkers and active listeners
  • Children taking pride and enjoyment in all aspects of literacy
  • Children having a passion for language through a stimulating and enabling environment
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