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Hollybush Council meet every two weeks to discuss how the children can have a real say in the running of the school. The aim is to give the children a voice and feel that they are able to exact real change and make a positive contribution to the whole school ethos.

We are School Council!

Year 1

Marco Rock, Gabriella Di Ventura

Year 2

 Brooke Donovan, Jack Gerrod

Year 3

 Frankie Mills, Megan Osborne

Year 4

Jed Goddard, Ella O'Shaughnessy-Deprez

Year 5

Chloe Evans. Teddie Roberts

Year 6

Imogen Crooks, Zak Martin

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School council representatives took ideas from their classes about things they wish to change about Hollybush. We then met as a council to decide on what we thought were the most important issues. These are the things we wish to change/implement:


  • Afternoon snack time – nut free
  • New playground equipment
  • Mixed KS1 and KS2 playtime
  • Litter picking/eco club
  • Netball team
  • School pets/animals
  • Game of life for wet play
  • Two workers of the week
  • Painting wall
  • Crazy hats for Friday assembly (one class)
  • Maths assembly