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We had lots of fun reading the book ‘After the Fall’ this week. We even all cheered at the end of the story when Humpty Dumpty was brave enough to climb the wall again, and then fly! 


We thought about some of the things that we might be afraid of or doing, and how we could help ourselves feel brave like Humpty Dumpty. 


We also had 6 of Humpty Dumpty’s friends visit us to sit on our wall. We had a little investigation to see what would happen if they fell from the wall onto different materials. We found out that the eggs cracked when dropped on to a plastic tray, lego and into a bowl of water. When they were dropped on to grass, tissues paper and a cushion, they didn’t crack - yay! 


Have a look at the videos and photos below of some of the other things we did this week!

We learnt the nursery rhyme of Humpty Dumpty!

Still image for this video

We created our own Humpty Dumptys!

We found out about different animals that lay eggs including different types of birds, butterflies and even dinosaurs! We then had lots of fun playing with dinosaurs and their eggs in Gelli Baff.