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Non Negotiables

Please ensure you are working on the non-negotiables daily whilst you are at home (if you are well) and that at the very least you work on your common exception words, times tables and reading. These are what we, at Hollybush, call the non-negotiables of home learning.

Common Exception Words


Children must learn to read and spell all of these words by the end of Year 1. At this point in the year children should be able to read and spell most of Year 1 words.

If your child can read and spell the Year 1 words, they should work on the Year 2 list below.


If you have read all of your books at home and would like to find some other texts to read, there are online books available to download and read for free.

Numbots and Times Table Rock Stars


Please let us know if your child can't remember their log in.