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Full reopening on 8th March

Dear Parents and Carers 


I am sure you will have seen by now that schools will be reopening to all children in the week beginning 8th March – that’s only 8 and a bit days of home schooling to go – Yay! 

We plan to go back to what we were doing before Christmas in terms of staggered days (with Early Years and Key Stage 1 using the Fordwich Rise gate and Key Stage 2 using the Welwyn Road gate), class bubbles, additional hygiene measures etc. 


Start and end times will be as follows:

Year Group

Drop Off Time 

Pick Up Time 


8.30 – 8.45

2.30 – 2.45


8.30 – 8.45

2.30 – 2.45

Year 1

8.30 – 8.45

2.45 – 2.55 

Year 2

8.30 – 8.45

2.45 – 2.55

Year 3

8.30 – 8.45

2.55 – 3.00

Year 4

8.30 – 8.45

3.00 – 3.05

Year 5

8.30 – 8.45

3.05 – 3.10

Year 6

8.30 – 8.45

3.10 – 3.15


Please remember to wear a face covering at the gates unless you are exempt to protect yourself and school staff. 


Breakfast and After School Club

We will be re-opening Breakfast and After School Club from 8th March. In line with Government guidance, as many activities as possible will take place outside. For this reason, please ensure that children have a warm coat; even if the weather is nice in the morning, there’s no guarantee it will stay that way! 

If you want – or need - your child to attend Breakfast and/or After School Club, you do run a slightly higher risk of them having to self-isolate after contact with a positive case of Covid-19 because we cannot entirely separate year groups within the context of extended provision. Obviously, we will do our best to keep children apart but they do find it incredibly difficult to remember to socially distance and the last thing we want to be doing is constantly barking orders at them as soon as they come back to us.   


External Out of School Clubs

We are liaising with providers to bring back the full range of out of school clubs as soon as possible. We will, of course keep you up to date about when they will be reopening. All providers will have to adhere to strict Covid safety measures in order to operate at Hollybush.  


Catch-up’ Curriculum 

You will probably have read reports in the press about the Government giving schools extra money to help children catch up on lost learning. However, we know that many children are struggling with anxiety and lowered self-esteem at the moment and suggesting that they can suddenly learn more quickly than ever whilst dealing with the impact of a year of lock-downs and reduced social contact doesn’t make much sense. 

At Hollybush, we will spend time getting to re-know your child and making sure they are OK so that we pitch the learning at the right level for them and take their social, emotional and mental wellbeing into account alongside their academic needs. We will obviously make sure that they fulfil their learning potential but we’ll do it at a pace that suits each individual and without stressing them out the minute they walk through the door. 

You can find more details here:


School Uniform 

We want children to come back to school wearing uniform because it gives them a sense of belonging to our school community and draws a line under countless days spent in PJs! We have some good quality second hand uniform available so please do let us know if you need anything. In addition, if you have any school uniform that your child has grown out of, please donate it to us so we can pass it on to another family. 

In December, we were allowing children to wear extra jumpers because the classrooms were very cold. The weather is much milder now so this shouldn’t be necessary but please feel free to layer your child up again if the cold weather returns!  

Your child’s class teacher will confirm when your child will have Forest School and PE. Children can come to school dressed in whatever clothes they need for the day. 


School Dinners 

Children need to bring a clean water bottle to school every day; the full range of school meals will be available to children who want them. Of course, your child can bring a packed lunch if they prefer. 


Let us know if you need help

Whilst schools are retuning and this, hopefully, signifies the start of things getting back to normal, we are very aware that the emotional and financial tolls of the pandemic will be with our community for years to come. Remember that we are always here for you. We also have lots of contacts outside education who can help with non-school related worries that you and your family may have. As always, we’re #inittogether at Hollybush.

Yours faithfully 


Valerie Noon