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Home Learning - What to expect from the School

Please find details of what you can expect from us below:

Home learning packs / exercise books/ stationary
Staff have packs or books to give the children and these will go home before the school closes.

If you are currently self-isolating please let us know and we can pass your book/pack to another family to deliver to you or you can ask someone to collect it. Let us know if you need us to deliver it to you.
If your child has been given an exercise book, this is for them to complete their home learning tasks in.
We do not need you to send the work back to us via email; however, we would love to see all their hard work when we get back to school.

The Non-Negotiables of home learning are very important, as these are the foundations on which all the other learning takes place. Please ensure you are practising the non-negotiables daily whilst you are at home (if you are well) and that at the very least you work on your common exception words, times tables and reading. These are what we, at Hollybush, call the non-negotiables of home learning.

Home Learning Grid
This is a grid of learning that will be updated every week and posted on the class page of the website. There will be Maths and English tasks as well as tasks from other areas of the curriculum. We would suggest that children aim to complete at least 3 tasks a day (try to make 2 of them English and Maths) as well as working on their Non-Negotiables. Don’t forget to check out the other year groups webpages too.

Daily Update
Every day in term time children will receive an update from their class teacher; this will be posted on the classpage on the website. Teachers will also be able to share links and update at this time.

Teachers may also use Marvellous Me to share messages.

Physical Exercise
If you are able to, make sure you get outside as often as you can. Go for a walk or do some exercise to keep
your body and mind healthy. If you can’t get outside use YouTube to do some yoga or dance. Your class
teacher will send links to suggested sites.

From Monday, teachers will be contactable during school hours via a new email address only.

However, if you have a general enquiry that isn’t related to home learning the will still be in use.

The class teacher will be able to answer any concerns or offer support via this email address. We would also
love for you to share their learning with us. You are welcome to send photos or videos to us so we can create a
gallery of their learning on our webpage.

Please be aware that staff also have families so please respect the school hours of 8:45-3:10 and be
considerate to the fact they could also become poorly themselves. In the event of staff illness, another
teacher will be able to answer your query or support you.


If, however, you have a general enquiry that isn’t related to home learning the e-mail will still be in use.

We hope that you find this information and guidance helpful. Your class teachers will send you suggestions of
daily routines and ideas for keeping busy at home.