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Chinese New Year

As part of the children's chosen topic, 'Dragons', we celebrated the Chinese New Year.  

We had lots of fun learning about the Zodiac race.  We tried some Chinese food and tried to copy Chinese characters.  We were lucky enough to have a parent come in and talk to us about their own experiences of celebrating Chinese New Year at home.  She even bought us some Hong Bao with chocolate coins inside for good luck.  We can now answer the register in Mandarin too, Ni Hao!  We have also made our own dragon who is now circling our classroom!

We met Bengeo Bear who spent time with Mrs Lawson in  China, to find out about China and what it's like to go to school in Beijing.  They were quite strict there but we loved the exercises they did!  Porridge even changed into some traditional Chinese clothes.

Take a look at the gallery to see the fun we've had!