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Hollybush Primary School

A morning in Hertford

The Reception team was so proud of our children today as they demonstrated impeccable behaviour, interest and resilience on our walk into Hertford.  Our first stop was the library where the children were shown the array of fiction and non-fiction books they could choose, then using the machines to borrow a book they had chosen.  The library has the ability to order any book you'd like if they don't currently have a copy in stock. Did you know that there is a cool spaceship background on the machines to make borrowing more child friendly?  We even changed the language to Chinese! The library is full of fabulous resources which we found out about, thanks to David Rudd, a Hollybush parent and most importantly our local library manager.  He even ordered a dual language English/Slovak story for Freya's mum which we will read together in class when it arrives. 


After a snack to gather some energy for our walk back, we visited the poppies at Hertford Castle.  The children gasped in awe as they saw the red cascade down from the highest turret.  We looked at all the different styles of poppies made and talked a little about the memory of the brave soldiers.  As we stood looking at the poppies, Christine Hook, an ex Hollybush parent / grandparent and staff member, also a part of the secret society who were behind this fabulous display, and the Mayor of Hertford, Councillor Mrs Beryl Wranlges came to talk to us.  What a privilege!


It was a long walk back up the hill but not a complaint was to be heard.  We got back to school at exactly the right time for lunch.  What a fabulous morning it's been; even the rain, contrary to the forecast, stayed away until we were safely back at school! Many thanks to the parents who joined us today; your help was invaluable.  Well done to the children too.  I'm sure you'll sleep well tonight!