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Welcome to Hollybush Young Farmer's page!

Hollybush Young Farmers return to Church Farm Ardeley to start a new year of fun on the farm!

So another year begins at the farm and yet again the beautiful weather has enhanced what has been a truly fabulous day! 


The first session is always interesting because many children were joining us for the first time and didn't really know what to expect.  For example some came with a fear of chickens but left having fed and picked up chickens by themselves in the free range field.  Mathilda walked straight into the field and even before we'd shut the gate, decided to have a cuddle with the first bird that she came across!  Many including me dare I add, were slightly more cautious; although by the end of the day children unanimously agreed that feeding and running with the chickens, then categorising the 296 eggs which our children collected, was the highlight of our day.


Additionally today we did a farm tour where we saw the winter fields and met the many animals living there.  Sophia said she has seen black and brown pigs but saw pink pigs for the first time today and they even had piglets.  All the children learned to talk turkey; we gobbled and they actually gobbled back to us!  We have been told that unfortunately the turkeys won't be there on our next visit! The cows were huge and according to Jacob "smell awful"!  Alfie even saw a fox running across a field. We visited the farm shop and cafe and saw some of the eggs and vegetables harvested and sold there, all sourced from the farm.  The strawberries we planted later during our day, will eventually be sold in the farm shop when we harvest them ourselves next Summer ... and no doubt taste a few too!


The children as ever were an absolute credit to Hollybush School and this was endorsed by Rozelle who said she'd have us back everyday ... a very tempting offer!  


Enjoy some of todays' highlights.  As for Hollybush farmers, we are already eagerly awaiting our Winter return just after Christmas .



Our year on the farm has come to an end. Take a look at the rap the children wrote to celebrate their amazing journey this year.

Dr Finley, a stick story!  Part 1  

During our last visit to the farm Finley Cakebread picked up a stick which he was asked to leave at the farm where it would be looked after until our next visit.  What Finley didn't know as he reluctantly agreed to say goodbye, was that this would be the start of an adventure for his stick, now appropriately named Fin.  


Enjoy this lovely story of Dr Fin, written with dedications to Finley Cakebread, by Dave Hobbs, co-farmer at Church Farm Ardeley.  

Task:  Find your favourite day and draw a picture for Dave's book.  Or maybe you can write a story of your own special object.