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Every year, I have a rule in school which is that Christmas begins on the 1st of December and not a day sooner. On the whole, people are pretty good at sticking to this rule but there is a definite sense of excitement building way before the first door on the advent calendar is opened. Children (and their teachers!) have been sneaking into the hall to practise Christmas songs, Christmas tree decorations have been appearing out of nowhere and display boards have taken on some suspiciously festive themes.


The fact is that Christmas in school in brilliant fun. It brightens up the dark December days and gives us something to look forward to besides coughs and colds, mushy leaves in the playground and sleet. As an adult, it's sometimes difficult to get back that 'Christmassy' feeling that we remember from childhood; but when you are surrounded by children every day, it gets a little bit easier. So, Christmas doesn't sneak in early because the adults are excited, it sneaks in early because we can't wait to see the children excited. It lifts all our spirits and a little bit of glitter trodden into the carpets in late November is a price worth paying.



You will notice that I have titled this page of the website as my 'blog'. The inverted commas are very deliberate. I have never written a blog before and don't have much of an idea about what it will be about or how it will develop over time. I suppose what '...' says here is 'Don't expect too much of me.' 'Don't blame me if it's wrong.' It might be blog-like but it won't be perfect.


The other confession that I have to make is that I promised the staff I would begin this 'blog' ages ago. it's taken me about 6 months to pluck up the courage to write anything at all. It's quite scary to express my personal thoughts and put them out there in cyberspace. Parents might get together in the playground and say 'Have you read her 'blog'? Isn't it rubbish!' Children might be disappointed by my incredibly unsophisticated use of technology. It's all a bit of a risk. 


Ultimately though, isn't that what we ask the children to do every day? We ask them to come into school and expose their vulnerability. We ask them to do new things all the time, to step out of their comfort zone over and over again. And, do you know what, they rise to the challenge. Day after day, week after week, they astound us with their determination - and ability - to master their learning even when it's difficult or scary. So, I'm not going to put it off anymore, this is my BLOG. It won't be perfect but I'm doing my best and that's OK with me.