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We recognise that homework can be a challenge with your children and that , without spending time trawling through the web, it is often hard to find websites that can support childrens learning, so here are some websites that will support maths. These are suitable mainly for KS2 and are fun too!

A copy of the calculation policy can be found by clicking on the link below. It shows how to support your children in their mathematics learning through the school from FS2 through to Y6. You will be able to see how maths calculations are taught from their beginnings through to harder concepts.

link Calculations booklet for parents

Useful websites: - A great wbsite that allows children to practise quick mental recall skills against other children across the world (anonymously). Children can practice the four number calculations, including times tables and compete against others in a timed game to enter the 'hall of fame' (sign in users). Children can play starting from stage 1 'Easy peasy' through to stage 8 ' Area 51'. You can play as a visitor or use an email to sign in; this will allow you to create a username and password. - A brilliant website that allows children to practise their maths skills in many different types of games and at many different levels. Children can play games based on their interests eg athletics or animals and can play against the world, classmates or the computer. You can play as a guest or you can sign up (free) which will allow you to create a username and log in ( helpful to play against classmates). - A great school based website that allows children to practise all of their maths skills in a variety of different games. - A kS2 resource which allows children to practise many different maths concepts in a fun and engaging way. They can play a game, read about the maths concept and then take a quiz to see what they have learned. - All children in the school have a log in to this site. It allows them to play games and take quizzes to support their learning. The log in is as follows:

Centre ID sg14hp

USER ID  Your child's date of birth DDMMYY followed by their initials

Password is the same as USER ID